About Us

Our company, based in Nevşehir, provides guaranteed services with a rich history. Our professional team, adopting the principle of unconditional customer visit, always asserts that the customer is always right, and takes pleasure in providing comfortable and convenient travel services.


Lilydocia's Transfer and Welcome Services create a unique experience. Thanks to Lilydocia's well-maintained, orderly, traffic rule-compliant driver team, all certified with psychotechnical and SRC, you will encounter no problems in your transfers. All vehicles of Lilydocia undergo quality technical, electronic, and cleanliness checks, holding quality and tourist road and operation entry documents.


With Lilydocia, they should receive the same level of service in every city. We produce custom solutions for individual and corporate constraints, considering your requests, and we provide you with the most suitable solutions. Often, the biggest problem in their environments is that businesses cannot organize the transportation needs of internal and external individuals more effectively, efficiently, and safely.


Lilydocia provides transportation solutions that offer economic and practical conveniences. You tell us your goal and what you want to do, we design the most suitable transportation solution or solutions and submit them for your approval. Lilydocia develops effective and final projects that put an end to document loads, uncontrollable taxi expenses, time spent for special guests, and expense formulas.


Getting Transfer and Welcome Services with Lilydocia is very easy...

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